Prepping is still needed even during Trump’s Presidency!

Prepping is still needed even during Trump’s Presidency!

With no hesitation, Trump will be a great president, but that doesn’t mean we should stop prepping and practicing the art of survival. Prepping, homesteading, bushcraft, homesteading, survivalism, and first aid are skills that must be practiced during the presidency of Trump! Even though I love Donald Trump and Mike Pence, I cannot rely on them to protect me from all things. Henceforth, the art of survival will still be a practice in my life. Trump will prevent some problems but he cannot prevent all. Let’s keep prepping because we never know what could happen in the next 4 years!

 Blake Alma, Editor-in-Chief



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One Response to "Prepping is still needed even during Trump’s Presidency!"

  1. So true, good sir! The best president can’t prevent a solar flare causing an EMP that will fry the electrical grid, or the Yellowstone Super Volcano, or if the New Madrid or San Andreas Faults do a major shift. Then there are the possibilities of Nuke plan accidents, terrorist acts, or even a limited nuclear exchange ( thanks to the North Korean Fat boy maybe?).
    And even if it isn’t a “doomsday” type event, a major local event could knock out your grid for weeks, such as a Sandy or an ice storm.
    Prepping is not about living off the grid as much as it’s about living if the grid goes off, no matter how bad, how widespread or how long.


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