How to Make a Peg Trigger Snare

How to Make a Peg Trigger Snare

There are many different types of snare traps. One, however, is probably one of the most complex, yet effective. This snare is known as the trigger snare. There are several types of trigger snares. These include; peg trigger, motion trigger, bait trigger, and the drowning snares. In this article, we will be discussing how to build a peg trigger snare.

You’ll need PARACORD to build this snare!

The peg snare can give trappers difficulty if the string is tied to the wrong end of the peg, but other than that, it is a relatively easy trap. The items needed for this trap are a small tree/tree branch, two pegs (one to be driven into the ground and one for the trigger), and some strong string/paracord.

diy peg trigger snare for trapping

First, a notch must be carved at the top of one of the pegs. Then drive the peg deep into the ground so that the notch is above the ground. Next, carve an identical notch in the second peg. Once you have finished the second notch, take your string/paracord, and tie it to a small tree or tree branch. Create a basic snare on the end of the string. Then, in the middle of the string, tie in the second peg so that the notch is pointing toward the ground. Set the pegs so that the notches are wedged together and the peg in the ground will keep the peg on the tree from springing upward. Next, place the snare flat on the ground. Depending on what type of animal you are trying to catch, select your preferred bait (such as peanut butter or bread) and put it on the center of the snare noose. At this point, your snare should be ready to use. It would be wise to set it off, to test it, a few times before attempting to catch an animal. This is to ensure that every part of the trap is working correctly. Happy Trapping!

how to make a peg trigger snare

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