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The Guide to Primitive Survival Traps

The Guide to Primitive Survival Traps is a guide for all outdoorsmen and survivalist who enjoy the sport of trapping and wilderness survival. With an easy, basic read and images for an easier understanding, this guide provides you with instructions

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The Basic Paracord Survival Snare

If you ever find yourself in a survival situation without cordage or wire, you may have a problem. However, you can avoid that problem by wearing a paracord bracelet when you are leaving home. You could also replace your shoe laces

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How to Make a Peg Trigger Snare

There are many different types of snare traps. One, however, is probably one of the most complex, yet effective. This snare is known as the trigger snare. There are several types of trigger snares. These include; peg trigger, motion trigger,

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Surviving With Rat Traps

  “What is the best survival trap on the market?” One might ask? The answer to that question would be RAT TRAPS. Below is a video by Blake Alma, the author of More Than Just a Rat Trap and the Editor-in-Chief

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How to Skin Small Game Animals Keeping both Fur and Meat

Editor’s Note: Blake Alma, who is the author of this article, is now the Editor-in-Chief here at Survivalist Daily. Blake Alma is an award-winning outdoor writer, a published author, an international radio show host, and is the founder of The Art

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