Making Waterproof Matches with Finger Nail Polish

Making Waterproof Matches with Finger Nail Polish

In my last article, “Making Waterproof Matches with Candle Wax,” I stated that it is a necessity for a survivalist to waterproof your matches. Again, you can buy your own waterproof matches. It may be time effective to buy your own waterproof matches but is not cost effective. In this article, I will be using finger nail polish to waterproof matches. Every girl knows that finger nail polish is waterproof once dried. Instead of painting your nails, girls, ask your husband if he does like finger nail polish on your nails or on his matches more …Okay! Seriously…do that…


Steps to making waterproof matches:

1. Take your ordinary match and finger nail polish and dip the match into the polish. Make sure the entire tip of the match is covered in polish.


2. Pull the match out of the polish and let it dry. It takes a good while for it to dry. I would recommend hanging the match on the edge of your table so that it dries faster and it will not make you get finger nail polish everywhere.


I would waterproof more than one match at a time!

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