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Making Waterproof Matches with Finger Nail Polish

In my last article, “Making Waterproof Matches with Candle Wax,” I stated that it is a necessity for a survivalist to waterproof your matches. Again, you can buy your own waterproof matches. It may be time effective to buy your

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Making Waterproof Matches with Candle Wax

Using matches to start a fire is awesome, unless you end up getting you matches wet. If your matches get wet they will never ignite. Matches are a great and simple way to start a fire in a survival situation

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How To Waterproof And Windproof Matches

Matches will come in handy should you ever lose power, or if you find yourself in a much dire survival/SHTF scenario. However, they won’t do you any good if they get wet from a flooding situation or just really bad

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