10 Uses For Wood Ash

wood ash uses

Before you dispose of those wood ashes sitting in your fireplace or your wood burning stove, try using your wood ash these 10 different ways:

1.   Use wood ash to add nutrients to your compost. Contains potash and calcium carbonate.

2.   Use wood ash to deter snails from plants. Spread around the perimeter of the plant.

3.  Use wood ash to add nutrients to planting holes for tomatoes  by adding about half a cup to each hole.

4.   Use wood ash to clean stove glass doors. Add to a damp sponge to wipe away sooty deposits.

5.   Use wood ash for soap making. Soak ashes in water to make lye which is used in the soap making process.

6.   Use wood ash to clean metal by making a paste with the ash.

7.   Use wood ash as a dust bath for chickens, it kills lice and mites.

8.   Use wood ash to remove sticky labels from glass jars by making a paste with a little water.

9.   Use wood ash as a top dressing around onions, leeks and garlic.

10. Use wood ash to raise the Ph of soil if required, as an alternative to lime.

Can you think of anymore? Please share in the comments below.

These 10 uses for wood ash was originally published on The Cyprus Garden Blog

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21 Responses to "10 Uses For Wood Ash"

  1. use to brush your teeth
    use (emergency) as sunblock on exposed skin
    use (emergency as shade around eyes to deminish glare (like baseball players
    rub on gun sights to reduse glare
    mix with paint and saw-dust to reduse slipery steps, deck of yettys boats etc
    rub on pullies etc for reduced friction
    pour on slipping fan belt to temporary stop the irritating sqealing
    rub on skin of fresh caught fish to facilitate handling

  2. You can mix wood ash with water and fabric scraps in the paper-making process. The combustion process produces lye when the ashes are mixed with water. Over a period of a couple of weeks the lye breaks down the fabric scraps into fibers that can be used for making laid paper.

  3. When making Lye for soap making one must first put the wood ash in a steel 5 gallon bucket, with a small hole about the size of 1/4 inch in the corner of the bucket. Dump some water in the bucket about 6 cups. Wait till it leaches through the ash. Keep doing this till its leached through and into a holding bucket. This black stuff will be your lye for soap making. DO NOT get this stuff on your hands, as it is very caustic.

  4. Ashes work well for better traction when the driveway is ice covered. A little ash is all that’s needed. Be sure there’s no nails or other items that hurt tires.


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