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Low-Cost Survival Hygiene: How To Make Lye Soap From Fat and Wood Ashes

One of the most prominent uses for wood ashes is as a soap-making ingredient. Lye soap is actually quite old, having been used by many different cultures and societies around the world as a way of profitably reusing meat drippings

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10 Uses For Wood Ash

Before you dispose of those wood ashes sitting in your fireplace or your wood burning stove, try using your wood ash these 10 different ways: 1.   Use wood ash to add nutrients to your compost. Contains potash and calcium

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10 Quick and Dirty Uses For Wood Ash

Did you know that a cord of wood can produce 50 pounds of wood ash? Did you also know that you can repurpose, reuse, and recycle wood ash? Yes, there are many uses of wood ash instead of just disposing

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