Using a Resealable Plastic Bag to Collect Survival Water

Using a Resealable Plastic Bag to Collect Survival Water

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In this day of plumbing and faucets, primitive water collect skills have been lost. In the event you need water and plumbing is unavailable, what will you do? If you are in the woods or stranded on an island, how in the world will you collect water? Well, you can’t drink ocean water due to the high salt contents and you cannot just drink from a pond or lake due to the bacteria and algae in the water. I guess you should just roll over and just die. Well, I ain’t going to be in no dehydration situation, not today!!! So what should you do? If you got a resealable plastic bag in your backpack or bug-out-bag, you may just be okay. You can use that bag to collect water. How? You can place that bag over some vegetation. The vegetation will then release excess water from its leaves and the bag will catch it!



1. Find a sapling with a leafy branch. Be sure that sapling tree has no poisonous seeds, berries, or nuts on it.

2. Take your resealable bag and place a small rock inside of it, so that all the water that the bag will collect stays on one side.


3. Place the bag over one of the sapling’s leafy braches and seal the bag.


If it is a sunny day the water will evaporate from the leaves much faster. If it is mostly cloudy outside, it will not get you the water you need. Having more than one resealable bag will be very helpful, so that you can catch more water. Once you have your water, drink and enjoy. Filter the water if possible.



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