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How to Filter Water Using the Survivor Filter

As human beings, we are far more fragile than we would like to think. The average person can survive for approximately 3 weeks without food, while after only about 3 days without water our bodies cease to function. If you’re

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What does enough water for 72 hours look like?

The Seven Sisters of Urban Survival (Part 1) Water What does enough water for 72 hours look like? For 2 adults, at the maximum standard of 1 gallon per day, per person, for all purposes, it’s 12 – 2 Lt.

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Using a Resealable Plastic Bag to Collect Survival Water

Editor’s Note: Please excuse the construction on our website as we try to make Survivalist Daily a better website for you! Thanks.   In this day of plumbing and faucets, primitive water collect skills have been lost. In the event

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