How to Filter Water Using the Survivor Filter

How to Filter Water Using the Survivor Filter

As human beings, we are far more fragile than we would like to think. The average person can survive for approximately 3 weeks without food, while after only about 3 days without water our bodies cease to function. If you’re lucky enough to have access to water in a survival situation it may not be safe to drink due to harmful protozoa, heavy metals, bacteria and viruses, and choosing to drink unsafe water could lead to a life-threatening illness that turns even a routine trip into an emergency evacuation and lengthy hospital stay. For this reason, especially when hiking, hunting or backpacking far off the beaten path it is imperative that you have a safe way to process water for drinking at all times. Boiling water is one option, but it will not remove any physical contaminants such as sand, dirt, heavy metals, feces or algae from your drinking water. It requires a fire-proof container, and building and maintaining a suitable fire is not always possible or practical due to factors such as personal skill level, materials readily available and, of course, the weather.

If you’re looking for a system capable of processing water quickly or for more than one person, the Survivor Filter PRO-LE is one viable option. Lightweight, compact & affordable, according to the manufacturer this pump-style system was independently tested at Intertek Labs in the USA to show the removal of 99.9% of viruses, Staph & bacteria and reduce heavy metals (99.5% of Mercury & 93% of Lead, surpassing EPA standards for water filters). The triple filtration system built into this product will not only ensure your water is safe to drink, it will make it as clear and fresh (in my opinion) as bottled water from the grocery store. For more info on this product, you can head over to as well as check out our video review below for an overview & demonstration.

by Will Baker at Happily Ever Outdoors


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