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10 Ways to Make Fire with Natural Tinders

  Below is a video by AlfieAesthetics about starting a fire with Western Red Cedar Bark, Birch Bark/Birch Dust, Coal Fungus, Pine Cones, Tinder Fungus, Fireweed, Thistle, Punkwood, Wood Shavings & Dried Grass. GET A $25 CREDIT CARD KNIFE FOR 100%

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How to Start a Fire in the Wilderness

Fire, ever since the creation of man it has played a crucial role in our existence. To be acquainted on how to build a lasting fire is one of the most fundamental wilderness skills and the very foundation of survival.

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Top 6 Household Fire Tinders

Fire starting is one of the most important necessities of surviving. Carrying a pocket lighter, flint & steel, or matches at all times is very ideal.  In the event you need fire, you have it in your very pocket. There

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