How to Start a Fire in the Wilderness

How to Start a Fire in the Wilderness

Fire, ever since the creation of man it has played a crucial role in our existence. To be acquainted on how to build a lasting fire is one of the most fundamental wilderness skills and the very foundation of survival. Making fire is documented in the sources as extensively increasing the capability to survive both physically and psychologically particularly for those who still have that old need to endeavor out into the wilderness. Unfortunately, it’s a chore that would leave nearly everyone in the literal and metaphorical dark.

A fire can fulfill several needs, and it’s presented as a tool that meets some survival desires. While in the wilderness, fire satisfies some needs such as scaring away dangerous animals, you can use it to cook food, and the smoke can help you keep flying insects at bay. Assembling next to the fire while hunting out in the backwoods, is a sentiment that in reality cannot be put into words. Therefore, practice and learn different methods, so you know how to make a fire anywhere and under any condition.

Concerning its significance in the wilderness setup, starting a fire is almost inevitable. As a result, starting a fire in a desert revolves around two primary ingredients which are later accompanied by the methods that are widely used. First, an individual needs to fabricate a fire pit which refers to a selected location that will be ideal for making your light without wind disturbance.

On the other hand, it is essential to gather the materials that will be used during the process of creating your fire. The materials collected can range from tinder, kindling as well as firewood. After complying with the abovementioned criteria, the next step to fire making is the selection of the particular procedure or method that you are familiar with in finalizing your experience. In this case, therefore, you can choose to apply one of the six ways which are commonly used. They include: use of the Teepee fire, the lean-to fire, cross-ditch fire, log cabin fire, the pyramid or upside down fire or create the star method of fire starting.

However, a good understanding of the second part of fire starting i.e. the ways used is the most important step which implies that everybody who will require starting a fire for any reason in the wilderness should endeavor to be conversant with the ways here mentioned.

This knowledge of building a fire with various techniques is an important part of wilderness survival preparedness. It is not simple as it might first appear despite the fact that this is not rocket science. These days, the abilities that were once second nature to our intimates have become surprising that nearly everyone takes for granted. It is evident that our modern way of livelihood has disconnected us from our past. Therefore, in a wilderness survival situation, knowing how to build and maintain a fire is an amazing thing that everyone should be aware how to do it given the fact that it is almost certainly one of the essential survival abilities you can have.

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