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How to Trap and Boil Crawfish

Baiting and Setting Traps to a Campfire Cooked Crawfish Boil. WATCH How It’s Done with Bob Hansler.  Visit: EZ Battery Reconditioning To Learn More here:

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Is Anti-Hunting Anti-Survival???

Throughout my outdoor career, I have come across such “lovely” people. Antihunters and vegans. They have called me unimaginable names and they have threatened my life and even threatened my families lives. They have just tried to tore me down because

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Prepping & Storing Food For SHTF

The Seven Sisters of Urban Survival (Part II) Again we start with the basic rule of 2 adults for 72 hours. This is because FEMA, the Red Cross and most other emergency responders basically tell you that it the first

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How to Skin Small Game Animals Keeping both Fur and Meat

Editor’s Note: Blake Alma, who is the author of this article, is now the Editor-in-Chief here at Survivalist Daily. Blake Alma is an award-winning outdoor writer, a published author, an international radio show host, and is the founder of The Art

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