Is Anti-Hunting Anti-Survival???

Is Anti-Hunting Anti-Survival???

Throughout my outdoor career, I have come across such “lovely” people. Antihunters and vegans. They have called me unimaginable names and they have threatened my life and even threatened my families lives. They have just tried to tore me down because of I love the art of hunting. Hunting has been around for over 4000 years and has been a key role in our survival. It would be abnormal for us not to hunt as we have done it for thousands of years. Hunting and trapping are survival skills that has saved thousands of lives. A lot of people think they can just survive of dandelions if they really need food, but you can’t! Meat is needed more than ever in a survival situation due to the large sum of calories and it contains protein. Dandelions and berries do not have a significant amount of calories to last you long in a survival scenario. Antihunting is just flat out stupid and it is antisurvival.

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The Root of Antihunting Activism


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One Response to "Is Anti-Hunting Anti-Survival???"

  1. Short answer: Yes, it is. Long answer: Vegan/anti-hunting is a part of belief that the individual has no right to exist. Every aspect of their life must be directed, controlled and decided by the “power”. To be able to survive means you can exist without the “power” and can not be controlled. Check out vegans/anti-hunters and you’ll find they also believe in and follow a number of other similar anti -individual beliefs.


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