How to Skin a Squirrel in less than 5 Minutes

How to Skin a Squirrel in less than 5 Minutes

How to Skin a Squirrel in less than 5 Minutes

Squirrels are chalked full of protein making them a great survival food. The average squirrel has about 21 grams of protein. Squirrels are easy to trap and easy to hunt making them even a better survival food.

There are many ways to trap these animals. Here are a few survival traps that will catch them:

Any of these traps will do the job. The easiest and most effective trap would be the live cage trap. It is also a reusable trap and it is very humane!


Below is a video on how to skin a squirrel in under 5 minutes!









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  1. There is a much faster way to skin a squirrel, or deer. Hangem up, clamp the exit hole shut, insert a high pressure air nozzle in the entrance hole, and pressurize (like inflating an inner tube). As the most flexible part of the animal, the hide will inflate, expand, and release from the carcass. Once fully inflated (20 seconds), cease pressurization. Cut around the ankles, neck, and down the front, like a zipper. Takes about 2 minutes per squirrel, one minute of that is laughing! Maybe 5 minutes per deer. If you head shoot the critters, stand out of the way of the eyeball trajectories as you pressurize!


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