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My Hunter’s War

When I was 14-years-old, I would set up several modified rat traps for the purpose of trapping squirrels for both meat and fur. I accidentally ended up trapping a chipmunk instead. I feeling sorry for the unwanted kill, decided to

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Constructing the Lazy Man’s Fishing Trap

In a survival situation, it is very rare for you carry a fishing pole during your whole ordeal because of the size of a fishing pole. Unfortunately, without a fishing pole, you cannot catch fish. Not true! If you carry a fishing

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The Two Stick Deadfall Trap

Don’t have paracord, string, or wire to trap small game in a survival situation? No problem! You can construct the two stick deadfall traps using only natural materials. You will need a large rock and two sticks, hence the name.

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The Basic Paracord Survival Snare

If you ever find yourself in a survival situation without cordage or wire, you may have a problem. However, you can avoid that problem by wearing a paracord bracelet when you are leaving home. You could also replace your shoe laces

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