Three Minutes Without Air: Why A Gas Mask Should Be Part Of Your Preps

the importance of gas masks for preppers

Did you know that you can only live without air for just 3 minutes? At 3:01, you’re dead. Also, three minutes without air could just as easily mean three minutes without clean, breathable air. What if the air you were breathing would kill you, not the act of not breathing at all? What if with each breath you were bringing some organism into your lungs that would poison you or make you sick to the point that you died or became incapacitated? Three minutes without clean, clear, safe air would be an eternity for some. How long can you hold your breath? It’s situations like these that should make you want to include a gas mask in your preps. And not just for you, but for everyone in your family.

Here’s a great article that explains…

Why A Gas Mask Should Be Part Of Your Preps

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