When the Fault Breaks (Book Review)

When the Fault Breaks (Book Review)

When The Fault Breaks by Xavier Bruehler is a post-apocalypse book predicated by the rupture of the Cascadia Fault. It is about the stories and lives of survivors of the Mega Quake in a world of chaos and mayhem. It is about one possible way some semblance of a normal life can happen. It is a book with a mix of death and destruction, current social/political outlook, humor, and hope.

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Survival Lessons from the book:

This book is an ideal novel for preppers, survivalists, and homesteaders.  The book includes many survival skills within its thrilling read. It tells you the basics about how to build a pole building that can be used as a shelter, using simply logs and tarps. Did you know that there is more than one way to build a cabin? Inside the book, you will learn a way to build it that is not susceptible to fire, if your BOL has been compromised.

Speaking of compromised, you’ll learn about the uses of traps to prevent intruders from getting to your location or even your bunker.  You will also learn about how to produce methane gas and how to make concrete with just the materials you can find in nature. The book includes all of this and more.

It talks about many different types of alternative energies and agricultural methods. It goes into how things used to be done many years ago, and how it could be again.  Every idea in the book has been used for years by generations before us.  They are lost skills that anyone that hopes to survive the coming events should start to learn now.

Solar power systems are very easy to assemble. They do not require someone with a degree design. They consist of just four parts.  Panels which collect the sun’s energy, the control that regulates it, the next part the batteries, and the invertor to make ready for your house.  Wind and hydro requires a bit more and are a great supplement to solar.

It talks about the use of composting toilets so you don’t have to worry about an outhouse.  They work great and do not require any water at all.

Another area that you may not have ever heard about is a step kiln.  The Japanese have uses this system for thousands of years. It maximizes that use of your fire to fire pottery and ceramics.

Unlike other post-apocalypse books, When the Fault Breaks uses a mega-quake as a catalyst for the changes that happen. The book is about people pulling together in times of catastrophe, though, at first, our fragile society collapses, life continues. New borders are formed and the true nature of people come through.

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