Using Essential Oils as Medicinal Survival Aid

essential oils survival medicine

There was a time, about 100 years ago, when using essential oils for medicinal purposes was standard procedure. But somewhere in between then and now, advances in science (and greedy corporations) took over – relegating the use of essential oils and holistic medicine as alternative medicine. And if or when the SHTF and you find yourself in a true survival scenario where there are no pharmaceutical or over the counter drugs, essential oils will become your best friend.

Here’s a great article written by a medical doctor and his nurse practitioner wife that talks all about…

Using Essential Oils as Medicinal Survival Aid

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  1. I love essential oils and have been using them for medicinal purposes since 1997. I use Young Living Essential oils and have found them to be the highest quality available in the US. I don’t go anywhere without my EO’s. 🙂


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