Top 10 Survival Supplies

Alden Morris
By Alden Morris November 9, 2016 22:41

Top 10 Survival Supplies

Survival supplies are essential to staying prepared during a crisis. Whether it is a natural disaster or the threat of an economic collapse by maintaining some specific survival supplies you, your family and your loved ones will have an increased chance of seeing the outcome of such an event.  It may be surprising what items can be considered to be among some of the most important survival supplies.  However, for the most part, many families and individuals are already well prepared for survival with some of these everyday items they may have been overlooked.


1. Fire Starters

First and foremost fire starters are one of the most essential supplies to have for obvious reasons.  Building a campfire for warmth or to cook food is one of the first steps to survival.  Keep fire starters all around, in bug-out-bags, vehicles, and even with tools so that fire starters may always be accessible.  Do not just focus on lighters and matches, keep strike fire kits around in case moisture and precipitation are at its highest.

2. Utility Knife

A utility knife should be carried for everyday tasks as well as kept close by in case of a survival scenario.  Utility knives can be needed for a wide variety of survival tasks.  From building temporary shelter and to gathering food, you do not want to find yourself without a utility knife.  Invest in several knives and ensure every member of your family has access to one if needed.


3. IFAK (First Aid Kit)

Often overlooked, an individual first aid kit (IFAK) is always needed close by.  Even if an injury has not yet occurred it is not to say one won’t and that an IFAK will not be needed.  As opposed to traditional first aid kits or basic first aid kits IFAK’s typically cover a wide variety of injuries including bullet wounds.  Keep an IFAK close by and at the top of the list for importance when it comes to survival supplies.  Also, be sure that every family member has a fully loaded IFAK for personal use.


4. HAM Radio

HAM radios, especially hand operated HAM radios, are a great survival tool to have as communication is important in any survival scenario.  HAM radios have access to multiple frequency waves as well as weather channels.  Most HAM radios require charging before use, however, there are many available that can take both AA and AAA batteries.  Invest in a set of HAM radios for basic communications in case disaster strikes.


5. Rope / 50/50 Cord

If you are forced to evacuate the home, be sure to have a small supply of rope or 50/50 cord on hand.  Rope and 50/50 cord can come in handy if a temporary shelter needs to be made or a trap to catch food needs to be constructed.  Rope and 50/50 cord can also come in handy if having to travel long distances through rough terrain.  The length can be used to safely guide individuals down steep hills and cliffs while providing support for heavier items and supplies.


6. Water Filtration

Having clean water is vital to your health while in a survival scenario.  On the market, there are many different useful products for providing clean water from water purification tablets to the Lifestraw.  A natural water filtration device can be easily made if all of the appropriate components are available.  Ensure that you do not just have a supply of clean drinking water, but the means in order to provide additional clean drinking water.

7. Maps

Never be unprepared for an evacuation, especially on foot, in your own hometown.  Keep maps of your home and surrounding areas on hand and ready to go if an evacuation needs to occur immediately.  The more detailed and updated the maps the better.  If large forestry is near your hometown than be sure to have maps that may help you navigate through this terrain as well.  Along with your maps be sure to have a reliable compass and know the difference between magnetic north and traditional north.


8. Self Defense / Hunting Weapon

Every survivalist knows that a reliable weapon is necessary to all types of disaster scenarios.  There will be times when food may run short and hunting may be required and there will be individuals who mean to take what you have collected.  A weapon that doubles as a defense tool and hunting tool will mostly come down to preference of the individual that wields the weapon.  Long rifles as well as handguns may be great self defense weapons but do not always double as a hunting tool.  Keep this in mind when researching which style of weapon is suitable for all your survival needs.


9. Electronic Charging Device

Crank radios are powered by the electronic friction that is created when rotating the crank.  There are many portable charging units that also come equipped with a cranking handle for this purpose.  Invest your money in a portable electronic charging device that can charge at the turn of a crank.  This will ensure that items like flashlights, radios, and rechargeable batteries stay charged for other various survival needs.


10. Survival Bag and Adequate Clothing

Take the time to find your perfect survival bag.  Many bags differ for this purpose but a truly good survival bag mostly comes down to preference.  Is it capable of holding all of your supplies? Is it durable and weatherproofed?  Does it have the ability to attach additional pouches for additional supplies?  All of these questions will come down to your preferences and your needs for the survival scenario you foresee.  Once you’ve found that suitable survival bag, be sure to pack comfortable weatherproofed clothing in it as well.  Having spare clothing for this purpose will save you in the long run when a disaster scenario strikes.


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Alden Morris
By Alden Morris November 9, 2016 22:41
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  1. Crick November 20, 09:37

    A very nice compilation of must have survival gear. Only think I would probably consider is having a multi-tool such as one’s listed below in place of utility knives.

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