Top 10 Real Foods To Stockpile For When Electricity Goes Out

best foods to store when you lose power

When it comes to food storage, one of the most common questions asked by preppers is “What are the best “REAL living” foods I can stockpile in my long term storage pantry?” The reason they ask this is because many long term food storage pantries consist of large amounts of heavily processed food items because they are cheaper, readily available, and have amazing shelf lives. However, the issue with that is that you’re supposed to rotate your food items by eating out of your storage. And you probably don’t want to eat MRE’s, freeze dried meals with hydrolyzed vegetable protein, and commercially canned goods that may contain mold or other questionable ingredients as regular meals.

So then what kind of real foods can you store at room temperature that you can eat without electricity?

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The Top 10 Real Foods You Can Store At Room
Temperature For Extended Periods Of Time

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