Top 10 Best Guns For Survival


If you’re wondering what gun you should make sure you have for when the SHTF, here’s a list of the top 10 best guns for survival according to Sure, having any gun would be better than not having one at all, but if you can get your hands on any of these 10 and a ton of ammo for it, you’ll be in good shape.

Find out what they are here…

Top 10 Best Guns For Survival

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One Response to "Top 10 Best Guns For Survival"

  1. Nice article but my top ten would be different. Matter of fact I see two distinct situations. If you are just wanting to survive in the wild, then three weapons you will need. A shotgun, 12 gauge 870 or the 835 Mossberg, secondly a rifle big enough but yet small enough. The 30-06 would be my choice, in a bolt action. I do however love the 300 short. Last one would need a dependable 22. I have two of them, one lever action 94 Winchester that is adorable, and a Remington bolt action. Those three would suffice in a survival situation. One in which you would depend on trapping for your shells and such. If you were to be in a situation where some type of civil unrest or the govt. was involved, I would choose the AR hands down. They are by far the best. I have learned you get what you pay for. I have owned SKS before and they are sloppy and not dependable. Give me the American anytime! I also would have a dependable heavy caliber sidearm. I am partial to Glock in a 45 but you get the picture. Also a firearm seldom thought about which is a bit light for some big game but with a well placed shot it will get the job done is the 22-250. The yare flat shooting and an excellent sniper rifle should you need one. Everyone has their opinion about what they may need in a certain survival situation. The bottom line is have something, don’t be caught with your hands in your pockets!!!!


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