The Pummel Pipe Melee Weapon

how to make a pummel pipe melee weapon

The benefits of having a well-made melee weapon on hand can’t be argued against. Great for semi-close combat, powerfully crushing blows, and even a bit of stealth; the Pummel Pipe is a great tool to have at your disposal. Instead of using an ordinary knife of some sort or hammer, why not make your very own pummel pipe? Although it was originally designed to bash zombie heads, the pummel pipe works really well for shifting debris, taking down a wall, breaking windows, gaining entry to a building, or even as a good old fashioned hammer.

Definitely a really cool weapon to have around, especially hidden somewhere where you know you can grab it real quick if you find yourself needing to defend yourself or your family – and your gun or baseball bat isn’t close by.

Find out all the pieces you’ll need and detailed how to instructions…

How To Make A Pummel Pipe Melee Weapon


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