Ten Plants That Can Kill You

belladonna devils berries

You’ve probably come across dozens of articles telling you which wild plants you can eat or use for medicinal purposes – especially in a survival situation. But one thing I hardly ever come across is articles that tell you what wild plants NOT to eat. However, I just came across a great article acts as a helpful guide to 10 of the most poisonous plants in North America that almost certainly can kill you. While they are beautiful, you definitely don’t want to eat these.

Read the article to find out what they are and just how dangerous they can be…

Top Ten Plants That Can Kill You

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  1. Do you have any of those (I think ugly) Atlantis trees (Ailanthus altissima) growing on your property? They love sub-standard soils and do well in poor urban soils. They also have toxic roots and can taint a well or spring. How they got the name ‘Tree of heaven’ is beyond me.


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