The IndestructiBelt

The IndestructiBelt

In a survival situation, a belt is actually a great thing to have. A belt can save someone’s life! However, leather belts can rip, rot, and can become unreliable for survival purposes. The IndestructiBelt is a belt that is, well, indestructible! The IndestructiBelt is made from a high-strength, leather-like polymer with an internal integrated nylon webbing with a pull test strength up to 4500psi. You can pull cars with this belt. So if you are stuck on the side of the road, this belt can pull you out. The IndestructiBelt is a great tool to have around your waist and here is why:

  • The IndestructiBelt resists water, oil, dirt, chemicals, and harsh work and outdoor environments
  • It is resistant to sweat stress cracking and fungi growth.
  • This belt will last a lifetime and has a lifetime warranty.
  • It can get dirty and wet and be easily cleaned.
  • The IndestructiBelt will not shrink, stretch, or sag due to heavy loads.
  • They come in unlimited sizes.
  • The belt has a solid heavy duty stainless steel buckle that will not rust, flake, or corrode.
  • It is secured with screw fasteners for ultra-strong holding power and changeability.
  • The IndestructiBelt goes with all clothing styles.
  • Watch the IndestructiBelt pull a truck:

This belt is far better than any other belt, especially for survival purposes.

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