The 5 Easiest Crops for Homesteading

Jack Neely
By Jack Neely March 30, 2017 16:44

The 5 Easiest Crops for Homesteading

Homesteading can be defined as establishing a life of self-reliance in the home through growing crops and vegetables in a garden within the family compound. These gardens help in production staple food for the family as well as helping to raise money for purchasing other foods as well. The 5 easiest crops for homesteading are:


This is a crop that requires minimal maintenance as it grows apart from weeding and watering. It can grow under a variety of climatic conditions and produces a huge harvest in a short span of time. When well preserved, it can be grinded and used as thickeners for soups, tortillas or be used for bread as well.


Tomatoes are a basic necessity in the home since it is used in the preparation of almost all dishes. They mature very fast and can be harvested in less than 3 months, with very high yields if well taken care of. Tomatoes can be stored for future use through drying, canning or freezing.


Rich in numerous nutrients, this is a crop that no serious gardener will leave out in the list of their preference. Kale is highly productive and can be grown in both summer and winter. All that is required to successfully grow them is just have a fertile ground, steady supply of water and pesticides and you are good to go.


This is a staple food that a family can survive on for a very long time and evade starvation. Potatoes grow very well in a wide range of soils and are capable of producing large yields which can be stored for use during the winter. It is basically a survival food that should never miss in any home and especially in the winter season.


Beans are a rich source of proteins and calories which can be easily grown in the home garden. They mature, produce and dry very fast compared to other crops. Beans grow very well in warm weather and can be used up to one year after harvesting.


Factors to Consider when Choosing Crops for Home Gardens

In order to come up with the best selection of crops to put in the home garden, one look at the following variables.

Family needs and preferences

The aim of homesteading is usually to provide food for the family. It is thus important to have their interests at heart in order to produce food which can be consumed comfortably by the family members.


Beware of the season so as to choose the crops appropriately. This is because there are crops that do well in summer while others can do well in both winter and summer.

Size of the garden

Some crops require a large size of a garden to give a desirable yield. However, one can opt for crops that give maximum yield for their gardens. For instance, kales can give high yields in a small garden.

Importance of Homestead Gardens

  1. They prevent soil erosion in the home by having crops covering the soil.
  2. They help in production of food for the family.
  3. They increase the value of a home by making it more attractive.
  4. They help in regulating of fresh air in the compound and bring a feeling of tranquility.


Homesteading is a vital aspect of landscaping and should be taken seriously. Apart from production of food, it brings in a lot of benefits. For people who love saving on food stuff, homesteading is the way to go.

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Jack Neely
By Jack Neely March 30, 2017 16:44
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