The 5 Best Cars for Winter Camping

The 5 Best Cars for Winter Camping

The adventurous soul never rests. When she steps outside and feels the bite of an icy wind, she is not tempted to hide inside behind closed doors like others will. She will see a challenge to conquer. Adventurers do not wait for the snow to clear. They will go camping in the winter. But the wise adventurer will bring the most advanced equipment available. It could be argued that the motor vehicle is the best resource for this sort of adventure. It will provide shelter and help the adventurer to traverse the terrain. Yet not all vehicles are created equal. If you are thinking of buying a new vehicle to take winter camping, there are a few options that you should consider.

The Subaru Legacy

The Legacy combines a sophisticated appearance with remarkable off-roading capabilities. One of the possible upgrades is what is known as the Subaru EyeSight safety pack, which comes with a host of features that are designed specifically for winter driving and off-roading. This includes automatic high beams and automatic braking to help mitigate the variables.

The Fiat 500X

If you’re concerned with safe, winter driving, you will probably look for SUVs. Sitting in a larger vehicle with a lot of functions can provide a semblance of safety. Beyond that, the 500X boasts of easy maneuvering and all-wheel drive. It is unlikely for a vehicle like this to get stuck.

The Kia Sorento

Winter camping will require a lot of gear. It would be unwise to travel deep into the wilderness without enough equipment, especially during dangerous winter conditions. That is why many campers opt for the Kia Sorento. The newer models have a lot of cargo space and even third-row seating. If you’ll be sleeping in the car itself, you’ll be quite comfortable in the luxurious cabin.

The Toyota Sienna

Putting aside the powerful engine that boasts of 245 lb-ft of torque and the all-wheel drive, the Sienna seats eight and will have more than enough room for a camping trip with friends and family. Everybody could sleep in the back.

The Honda Pilot

Anything can happen while driving to a campsite during the winter. Safety will be an important aspect of every vehicle to consider. Therefore, as it has excellent crash test ratings, many campers opt for the Honda Pilot.

Winter camping is demanding. Models like these will help you to overcome the challenges of the winter conditions. Contact a dealership today to learn more. You might just find the car that’ll lead you on this winter’s greatest adventures.

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