Teenage Hunter Harassed by Ricky Gervais

Teenage Hunter Harassed by Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais recently made a Facebook and Twitter post harassing 13-year-old huntress, Aryanna Gourdin and her right to hunt. Gervais is an English actor, comedian, animal rights activist, and singer. He has also been named “PETA’s 2013 Person of the Year.

Here are the Facebook and Twitter post he made:



Last year in August, Aryanna and her father, Eli, went on a hunting trip to Africa. During her hunting trip in Africa, she legally harvested a giraffe and donated the meat to the African natives. Aryanna simply decided to post a picture her harvest on Facebook. Unfortunately, because of anti-hunters on the internet, she received many hate messages and even death threats! She received over 75,000 negative comments on her Facebook post. She has been called “sick” and “animal hater.” Aryanna has not recanted her hunting lifestyle. She simply has replied kindly and softly to this situation saying, “I will never back down from hunting, because I am a hunter!”. Many outdoorsmen and supporters of Aryanna have stated, “Let the haters hate. Hunt away Aryanna!” So, after all of that, Aryanna receives more hate from a renowned actor.

The facebook post that Gervais made has now over 15k hate comments. The man in the image is not Aryanna’s father. It was the guide on their trip, Mark Martineau. So Gervais must have been oblivious to the story behind the photo. Martineau reacted to Gervais by posting on his page with over 150k followers, “I don’t believe the city dwelling *moronic* celebrity is a fan of ours :(.

Read Blake Alma’s about our right to hunt:

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2 Responses to "Teenage Hunter Harassed by Ricky Gervais"

  1. Even if hunting animals helps preserve public lands, the act of killing animals for fun is morally wrong. Unless you are a native person living off the land, you should not be allowed to kill other species. We need to think of a morally appropriate way to protect endangered animals and their habitats. If you could save your family by allowing someone to kill one of your children, would you allow it? The fact is that killing innocent animals for sport is wrong. Please stop this practice and save animals from being killed.

  2. You not read that the meat was harvested and donated to Africans? True hunters do enjoy hunting BUT, they do not just hunt just to satisfy a thirst to kill. They either dress or have the animal dressed to consume or, many will donate the meat to shelters, food banks and such, to feed the less fortunate. Most cannot afford to purchase a large amount of food to feed many so, they hunt in order to provide for many….so they can eat. Shooting endangered animals is wrong, I’LL give you that but, in many places in the USA, especially in the South are being overrun with wild hogs and, they destroy crops, grown to feed many people and, gardens grown to feed families. They must be thinned out, even eliminated in order to stop further breading to exacerbate the current situation. Deer must be thinned out and, there are rules as to what can be killed and the number allowed to kill. Deer destroy same as wild hogs. These animals can also spread disease. Imagine the situation, the big problem there would be, if these animals were allowed to breed. Hunger would soon be a devastating problem as crops would be wiped out in places. Yes, people do keep hides, or antlers to sort of celebrate. Hunting has been a part of mankind since the Stone Age, to provide food to eat. There are many who can only provide meat for their families to eat because, they can’t afford to buy it.
    This young girl broke no Laws and, she helped many that are struggling to feed themselves. Many animals cannot be allowed to just breed and, destroy crops, that provide farmers an income to live and, food to eat for millions and, spread devastating diseases that would affect millions.


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