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How to Build a Long Fire

The Long Fire is a very long burning fire…DUH! It can easily be constructing by having two raised logs with tinder between the logs. The video below goes into detail about building the long fire. Note: Survivalist Daily does not endorse

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Starting a Fire with Shavings from a Pencil Sharpener

Starting a fire with shaving from a pencil sharpener is an easy task. You just need to have the materials and time to do it. The video below shows you how to collect tinder from a pencil sharpener’s shavings. You’ll

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Honeysuckle Bark for Fire Tinder?

Is honeysuckle bark good for fire starting? Can you place honeysuckle¬†bark in the center of your fire bundle? Yes, yes you can! Below is a video by Blake Alma putting honeysuckle bark to the fire starting test… Visit: EZ Battery

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Top 6 Household Fire Tinders

Fire starting is one of the most important necessities of surviving. Carrying a pocket lighter, flint & steel, or matches at all times is very ideal.  In the event you need fire, you have it in your very pocket. There

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