Sustainable Soap That Grows On Trees

sustainable soap that grows on trees

You know the saying, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” But did you know that soap does? I’m not joking you. There really is a soap-growing tree! In fact, other plants also produce natural detergent, but today’s focus is on the soapberry or soapnut tree from India, which produces nuts (actually berries) that contain saponins to make soap.

The most popular way to use soapberries is as laundry detergent, although they can be used for other cleaners as well. Imagine completely natural detergent that leaves no chemical residues in clothing. Whether or not we are obviously allergic to chemicals producing suds, fragrance or preservatives, our health is impacted by what we wear.

Here’s how to make it step-by-step…

Sustainable Soap That Grows On Trees


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