How To Build A Mud Oven To Use Now and When SHTF

how to make a mud ovenIf you ever find yourself in a SHTF situation where there is no power, having an outdoor grill (if you have propane reserves) or rocket stove will come in handy when you need to cook. But if you want your food to cook evenly and taste the best, you will want to build a mud oven.

Mud Ovens have been in use for thousands of years and are made of a clay-sand mixture baked by the wood fire used to heat it. The way they work is that a fire is set, the oven is heated then the cooking is done by retained heat after the fire is removed. Food cooked by this method are cooked slowly and evenly with almost no chance of burning.

Follow this link to learn how to build one step-by-step…

How To Build A SHTF Mud Oven ->

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