Should Survivalism be taught in Schools?

Should Survivalism be taught in Schools?

Surviving, in the simplest term, is just not dying. Every day we survive life, hence we are always surviving. However, we survive with ease because of modern conveniences. We go to the faucet for water, the heater for warmth, and the fridge for food. Surviving wasn’t always this easy. Back in the day, people survived off the land. They dug wells of water, hunted and farmed for food, and started fires for warmth. When we lose our accessibility plumbing and electricity, what will we do? If one lacks the real skill of survival, they will die in two weeks! Hence, the art of survival should be taught in schools.

Survival is the skill of surviving. The study of survival is survivalism. Survivalism needs to be taught in schools. Why? Half of the American population will die within 14 days without power because they lack the knowledge of survival. If one just spends 5 minutes a day learning about survivalism it could be a real game changer. The art of survival will not be something you will need to know for everyday use, but it will be used for emergencies. Survivalism is insurance, the best emergency insurance there is. Survivalism is often called self-reliance. Living of the land, first aid, and resourcefulness are all keys in survival. If you find yourself without water and food, a survival class would be much more useful than a Math or English class. Taking a survival class could save your life!

We can only survive without air for 3 minutes, without appropriate heating for 3 hours, without water for 3 days, without food for 3 weeks. Since well over half of Americans rely on power and plumbing for survival, they could all die in as little as 3 minutes! Without power, those on oxygen or life support will die in minutes, those in colder regions could die in 3 hours, those without clean water could die in 3 days, and those without food will die in 3 weeks. Learning basic survival skills can prohibit millions of deaths!

Survivalism can also give a student some career or hobby opportunities. The art of survival, like fire starting, trapping, and prepping, is a fun hobby. Survivalism can provide some source of income. One could build a survival blog or website and produce some ad revenue. One could work for survival companies or sell survival products. One could also build a YouTube channel or even start their own survival TV or radio show. There are plenty of career opportunities in survival.

Survivalism should be a high-school graduate requirement. Survivalism is a tool. It is better than any insurance policy or emergency fund. If a catastrophic event occurs, the hospitals will be crammed full and you will NOT get the help you need to survive. The grocery stores will be emptied and the city’s water supply will disappear in seconds. People must learn survival skills to get their own water and food, to help those that are injured, and to survive anything that comes their way. We must be prepared!

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  1. Raymond Arthur Powell · Edit

    Whilst I appreciate the teaching of Survival Needs should be taught in schools it should cover the ordinary things in life such as could you change a tyre? If not why not it’s not rocket science, you may have the ultimate off road survival vehicle or road vehicle, but with a flat tyre it’s scrap.

    A simple thing such as if you get stuck in mud just by letting the tyre pressure down can make all the difference.

    I watched a Australian programme about off road driving, This Ranger found a 4×4 with four dead people inside they had died of thirst, After removing the bodies , he lowered the tyre pressures and drove the vehicle out of the mud , first time no problem.
    So it can be the simplest thing which can save lives.

  2. Survivalism has as it’s core the idea of self reliance. Schools , especially today, have at their core the idea of a socialistic group existence. Self reliance deals with individualism and taking responsibility for your own life and the means to stay alive. Schools teach the individual is wrong and that we are all part of the group. Survivalism stresses not counting on the government to take care of you, schools teach trusting the government to take care of you. Self-reliance calls on the individual to learn, think and work for their existence, schools teach that your existence is owed to you.While I would like to see it, barring the type of threat such as nuclear war we faced when I was in high school in the 60’s, and barring the Federal government demanding and paying for it, like they did, I doubt you’d see such a program in the average school and definitely not in some big city school.

  3. I think we should teach kids at least the fundamentals like finding and purifying water, starting a fire, etc. Stuff that at lot of kids learn in boy scouts or from your father but many don’t have that opportunity


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