Radiation From Japan Is Already Killing North Americans

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Radiation From Japan Is Already Killing North Americans

Radiation From Japan Is Already Killing North Americans

You’re going to want to use every share button at the bottom of this article once you’re done reading, so get ready, it’s time to freak out:  Maybe.

This isn’t a conspiracy theory, this is happening and it’s happening right now.

The fancy little picture at the top of the article isn’t showing you the flow of happy fun time thoughts from Japan back in March of 2012, it’s showing you the flow of radiation from the Fukushima nuclear plant after the devastating earthquake and tsunami of 2011.  Yes, that sharp pain you just felt in your chest is the sudden realization that the image shows the radiation reaching almost past Hawaii more than a year ago.

Do the math – If that radiation screamed across the Pacific Ocean that far in one year, just how far do you think it has gotten since then?  Look at what World Truth TV is saying and then you decide.

Samples of milk taken across the United States have shown radiation at levels 2000 percent higher than EPA maximums.  The reason that milk is so significant is that it is representative of the entire food supply.  According to an article published on Natural News, “Cows consume grass and are exposed to the same elements as food crops and water supplies. In other words, when cows’ milk starts testing positive for high levels of radioactive elements, this is indicative of radioactive contamination of the entire food supply.”

The  Food and Drug  Administration and the Environmental Deception Protection Agency, instead of refusing to prohibit the sale of tainted foods and mandatory testing of foods produced and harvested from the Pacific Coast, have simply raised the “acceptable levels”  of radioactive material in foods.

If that doesn’t scare the ever-living crap out of you, then take a look at the list of foods you are now supposed to be wary of, you know, for only the next 30,000 years.

How can we protect ourselves? First, be aware of what items are likely to be highly tainted.

1.)  SEAFOOD:  Question the origin of ALL seafood.  Fish and crustaceans from the Pacific Ocean should all be considered to be poisoned with radiation.

2.)  WATER:  The rainfall and snowfall are all radiated.  Do not drink any water that has not been filtered.   The tap water that flows from your faucet has NOT been treated to rid it of radioactive particles. A recent report from the NY Times stated, “A rooftop water monitoring program managed by UC Berkeley’s Department of Nuclear Engineering detected substantial spikes in rain-borne iodine-131 during torrential downpours …

3.) DAIRY PRODUCTS:  Milk and milk products from the West Coast states currently have the highest levels of radiation in North America.

4.)  PRODUCE:  Leafy Vegetables, Wines, Tomatoes, Strawberries….all produce from California or any other West Coast State are also likely to be tainted.

5.)  MEAT:  If an animal eats any leafy vegetable all along the West Coast, that animal has consumed radiation, and is poisoned.  This is any animal from cows, pigs, goats, sheep to wild deer and other game.

If you eat the above foods from areas with high radiation levels, you are eating radiation and feeding it to your children. Slowly the radiation levels within your body will build up.  This is PERMANENT.

Infant mortality rates across the United States have increased by more than 35% since the nuclear disaster, according to a court statement by Dr. Sherman with independent scientist Leuren Moret, MA, PhD.  A study published in The International Journal of Medicine indicates that more than 20,000 deaths right here in North America can be directly attributed to the release of radioactive material from Fukushima.

Radioactive isotopes of the type released from Fukushima have a half-life of 30,000 years.  This means that we must permanently change the way we prepare our food.

  • Wash your food with soap and rinse it in filtered water. 
  • Be aware of the origins of your vegetables, fish, game and seafood.
  • Keep abreast of radiation levels to help monitor where your food is acquired.
  • Use only filtered water for drinking, cooking and ice.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but that one way trip to colonize Mars is looking pretty damn attractive right now.

This article was originally published by Jerome Williams at PakalertPress.com

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By admin July 14, 2013 18:29
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  1. Bob Fairlane July 15, 04:49

    You’d think after Japan got nuked the first 2 times, they’d be against Nuclear power and Nuclear warhead proliferation. Nuclear power=nuclear waste.

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  2. steve July 19, 14:39

    I think since WWII and during the war these idiots dropped 1000 Atomic Bombs in Nevada and some in Florida Keys and now radiation from Russia,Japan,and the good o USof A have infected people with all sorts of health problems from radiation but during testing in Nevada they had soldiers to stand up when the Mushroom shape cloud was visible and to walk toward it needless to say they got sick and died that is after the good o USA denied them Veterans help because it would show that our gov’mt was using them after the cows,goats,chickens,and whatever else,so to the people who worship our flag there u go that is who u r fighting for,,,,,

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    • Bruce Anderson July 25, 01:06

      H.R.6238 – Fort McClellan Health Registry Act
      To direct the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to establish a registry of certain veterans who were stationed at Fort McClellan
      Official Summary
      9/28/2010–Introduced.Fort McClellan Health Registry Act – Directs the Secretary of Veterans Affairs (VA) to establish and maintain a special record to be known as the Fort McClellan Health Registry containing the name of each individual who, while serving in the Armed Forces, was stationed at Fort McClellan, Alabama, during the period beginning on January 1, 1935, and ending on May 20, 1999, and who:
      (1) applies for care or services from the VA;
      (2) files a claim for compensation on the basis of any disability which may be associated with such service;
      (3) dies and is survived by a spouse, child, or parent who files a claim for dependency and indemnity compensation on the basis of such service;
      (4) requests a health examination from the VA; or
      (5) receives such health examination and requests inclusion in the Registry. Requires the Secretary, upon request, to provide such health examination, as well as consultation and counseling with respect to examination results. Directs the Secretary to:
      (1) notify individuals in the Registry of significant developments in research on the health consequences of potential exposure to a toxic substance or environmental hazard related to service at Fort McClellan; and
      (2) carry out appropriate outreach activities with respect to such health examinations, consultation, and counseling.

      Very recently, H.R. 6238, The Fort McClellan Health Registry Act, was introduced and aims to establish a registry of persons who were exposed to chemical agents while stationed there. The chemical weapons that were still present were incinerated but the whole are including areas outside the base have levels of chemical agents in concentrations of up to 55,000 times established safe levels.

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