6 Different Ways To Heal A Wound Naturally

natural wound care remedies

Cuts, burns, and scrapes can happen at any time and happen often. Whether it happens to you, your spouse, or your kids – it’s a part of life. Normally we would just throw some peroxide, ointment, and a bandage on it and all it a day, but you may not always have that available to you. Also you may not want to treat a wound with that stuff. Instead try these natural alternative methods to heal wounds.

There may come a time where the staple wound care items are not available. And when you run out, hopefully you have at least one of these 6 natural, and least expensive, alternates.

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  1. Good remedies that have been proven to be effective. In the event that a more serious injury might occur, such as a deep laceration. The ability close and seal is a matter of importance to survival right now! There is no ER, no pain killers, but a few everyday products could make the difference for life instead of death. Any needle and fishing line could be an alternative to nothing. Include suture packs into your survival kits. There was a time when cauterization was the only alternative, and still can be used as a last resort.


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