How To Make A Food Dehydrator From A Dorm or Old Refrigerator

converting a refrigerator into a food dehydrator

If you want to get into dehydrating foods for long term storage or just because you like eating dehydrated fruits, it’s going to cost you some money to purchase a food dehydrator (also known as food dryer). Especially if you want a big one.

BUT… Luckily, there is an alternative. Your old refrigerator!! I know, I know – a refrigerator can’t dehydrate food. Not yet. But it can if you convert the fridge to a food dehydrator.  And if you have one, you’re already halfway there. If not you can always buy a used one super cheap on Craigslist.

Click below for the complete step by step of…

How To Make A Food Dehydrator From A Dorm Refrigerator

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