How to Use a Busted Cell Phone to Meet 5 Basic Survival Needs

cellphone signal mirror flash for survival

The cell phone has become our portal to the world and we pretty much have one with us at all times.  They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. And whether in a boat, on a plane, traveling through Africa, taking a road trip, or backpacking the Rockies, your cell phone should be a regular piece of Every Day Carry (EDC).  It’s also not hard to imagine that it might not be working during a crisis or SHTF situation.  Regardless of the reason, a broken or busted cell phone is STILL an amazing collection of pieces and parts that, with a little insight and creativity, can be used to help meet a surprising number of basic survival needs.

Find out what some of them are here…

How to Use a Busted Cell Phone To
Meet 5 Basic Survival Needs

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