How To Make Your Own Tick And Bug Repellent

herbal tick and bug repellant

For many of you, it’s that time of the year where bugs and ticks are out and about and wanting to cause havoc on our around our bodies. And the ticks especially are what you have to constantly be on the look out for.

I just found a great homemade and natural herbal recipe for how to make your own tick and bug repellant.

Give it a try. You may be pleasantly surprised just how good this works 🙂

Here’s the recipe:

1 pint distilled white vinegar
1 pint water
25 drops of tea tree oil
25 drops of lavender essential oil
Shake well and put in a spray bottle. Use frequently, like every 3 -4 hours when outside during tick season.


Special thanks to Tim MacWelch for sharing this at

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