How To Make Secret Log Box

great place to hide your valuables - secret log box

When I saw this secret log box, I thought it was one of the coolest places to hide stuff you don’t want anyone seeing. Or you can just put a spare set of keys in there to put outside in case you forget or lose your regular copy. The best part is, they aren’t hard to make at all. Just a lot of very easy to follow steps.

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How To Make A Secret Log Box

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  1. I make them from old car batteries. I carefully cut along the seam so’s the top can be glued back on. Then cut the lead panels off the top. Now hide bullets, or anything that will fit, in the battery. then glue the lid back on. It helps if the battery has a handle that connects on the sides of the box part.
    Now rub some 30 weight motor oil on the outside, just a minor coat. Then sit the box under your work bench. The oil makes dirt stick all over the box, dust from the air, so in short time the battery looks ancient, under the bench. And if you fill it with ammo, it will be just about as heavy as it was before.


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