How To Make A Foothold Trap From A Sardine Can

Blake Alma
By Blake Alma August 6, 2016 17:23

How To Make A Foothold Trap From A Sardine Can

how to make a foothold trap from a sardine can

Of all the survival skills known to man, my favorite skill is wilderness trapping. Trapping is just like hunting. Unlike firearms and fishing poles, traps work for you 24/7. You do not have to be at the trapping location for the trap to work. You can be building your shelter or starting a fire while the trap is at work. I honestly like trapping better than hunting because it takes less time and conserves more calories during a survival situation.

A foothold trap is simply a trap designed to trap an animal by the foot. A foothold trap is a great trap if you know how to use it properly. In this article, I will show you how to make a foothold trap from a sardine (yes, the fish) can. Sardines actually taste really good, if you ask me. You just got to get pass that smell. Sardines are a great food to have in your bug out bag or hiking backpack. Sardines are full of protein and can really give you the energy you need in a survival situation. I would really recommend having sardines with you while camping and hiking.

Once you gobble up them sardines, don’t just toss out the sardine’s metal can. KEEP THE CAN! That metal can could get you additional food. You can make a foothold trap from the can. It is simple. You will need a knife, paracord (or other strong cordage), a strong stick, and a trapping location. You can locate a good trapping location by looking for scat, fur, or footprints. I would try putting this trap along a game (wild animal) trail. Trials should be pretty easy to identify.

diy foothold trap

Notice how the plants have been trampled and how there is a gap between the trees. This is a used game trail.

Steps to making and setting the foothold trap:

  1. Take your empty sardine can and make an “X” cut, using your knife, in the center of the can.

cut sardine can for do it yourself foothold trap

2. In your trapping location, dig a small bed (hole), using a branch or your hands to dig it.

digging small bed for foothold trap

3. Again take your sardine can and use your knife to punch in a hole near one of the four corners of the can.

punching hole in foothold trap

4. Take your paracord and put it through the hole that you just made with your knife.

run paracord through hole in corner of foothold trap

5. Tie the paracord to your strong stick/branch and push the stick into the ground. Make sure that the stick is anchored very strongly into the ground.

tie foothold paracord to heavy object like a branch or stick

6. Put the sardine can in the bed (hole) and then take the dirt and gently crumble it onto the can, so that it is buried and the animal cannot see the can.

You have successfully made your trap. You can use the sardines themselves to use as bait to lure in the animal into the trap. The animal will walk up the trail and it will walk into the trap. Then it will then sink into the “X” flaps. The “X’ flaps will hold in the animal’s foot for a little while. This trap work best on slender footed animals, like foxes.

sardine foothold trap waiting for the kill

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Blake Alma
By Blake Alma August 6, 2016 17:23
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