How To Identify and Treat Dermatitis In Doomsday Scenarios

how to identify and treat dermatitis post shtf

Few of us are blessed with perfect skin in normal times, and the circumstances surrounding a disaster are unlikely to improve that.  Given that the preparedness community is composed of  rugged individualists who may not put nice skin at the top of their survival priorities, you can expect to deal with a number of neglected skin issues if things go South.  While they may not land you and your family in the survival sick room, they can be major annoyances and affect their work efficiency, and that’s not a good thing. Especially if you’re living in a post SHTF doomsday type environment. One such skin issue is dermatitis which is an inflammation of the skin.  This condition may have many causes and may vary in appearance from case to case. Most types of dermatitis usually present with swollen, reddened and/or itchy skin. Continuous scratching can lead to other more serious issues.

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How To Identify and Treat Dermatitis In Doomsday Scenarios

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