How To Hot Wire A Car When The SHTF

By admin March 30, 2013 02:17

How To Hot Wire A Car When The SHTF

Today we’re going to learn an always fun skill that will land you in jail if used improperly. As always, this article is FOR LEGAL PURPOSES ONLY. We don’t promote any illegal activities here.

This can be used to start your car when you’ve lost your keys, or to get a car going in an emergency situation. And you just never know when this skill will come in handy – especially during a SHTF situation.

These methods are surprisingly simple. They may not work with all cars, particularly new ones that require microchip activation to get started.

The “Hot Wire” Method For Starting A Car

This method requires rewiring the car to bypass the ignition system.

  1. First you need to determine if the steering wheel lock can be disabled. Pull the steering shaft off the back of the steering wheel. Look for a little disk with holes that the lock pops into. If possible, remove the disk.
  2. Use a screwdriver to remove the access cover underneath the steering wheel.
  3. Remove the harness collector to gain access to the ignition wiring.
  4. Find the two red wires. Strip 1/2 inch of insulation off of each end, and then twist the wires together. Make sure the exposed wires do not touch any metal. Make sure these wires stay twisted when driving, as you will lose power if they come loose.
  5. Find the brown wire. Strip 1/2 inch of insulation off of the end.
  6. Touch the end of the brown wire against the twisted ends of the red wires until there is engine ignition.
  7. Once the engine is going, keep the brown and red wires separate, to avoid sparks and draining the battery.

The Screwdriver Method For Starting A Car

This method uses a drill to disable the lock pins, and will destroy the key switch. Once this is done, the key mechanism will be permanently damaged. Any key, screwdriver, or flat piece of metal will be able to start the car from this point on.

  1. Drill into the key hole, about 2/3 up, where the inner flap starts. Drill into it as deep as a key would.
  2. Remove the drill bit, allowing the lock bits to fall into place.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 a few times, until all the bits are in place.
  4. Put a flat head screwdriver into the keyhole, and turn it the way you would a key.

Remember that these methods may cause damage to a car, so use only as a last resort.

Always wear insulated gloves when working with wires.

And again… only for legal purposes!

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By admin March 30, 2013 02:17
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  1. brittany d. September 16, 02:46

    my sister had to do this after she bought a car from a police auction that did not come with keys… flat head screw driver. it was always awkward when she got pulled over.

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  2. Bypass iCloud Activation IOS 7 May 15, 19:12

    Asking questions are genuinely good thing if you are
    not understanding anything entirely, except this post presents good understanding yet.

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  3. outlander October 16, 08:02

    uhhh too bad pretty much every car made since mid 90s has some sort of factory anti theft systems.
    if the system doesnt see the chip in thd key or a signal from a transponder thd computer wont allow ignition (although you can sit there and crank the engine over with thd flat head screwdriver you broke the ignition switch with it wont fire)

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  4. Stevphen Groom July 12, 05:09

    how do i make a working gas mask?

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  5. Al Tron September 19, 05:30

    Put a plastic bag over your head and breathe really deeply

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  6. Janna January 31, 11:52

    As the guy said it is for a last resort, and I see plenty of pre 90’s cars on the roads still.

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