How to Get Rid of Skunk Smell

How to Get Rid of Skunk Smell

Skunk Odor Remedy: How to Get Rid of Skunk Smell

Every avid hunter or recreational hiker has experienced the wrath of a dreaded skunk at least once in their line of path to their desired destination in the outdoors. Surely this experience leaving a lasting impression (and scent- most importantly!) in your mind. The odor of a skunk can be one of the strongest and most challenging smells to remove as the odor can permeate throughout your environment quickly and aggressively, leaving you to deal with quite the stinky mess. When you are faced with the challenge of removing skunk odor from your environment, you may exert a tremendous amount of time and energy to completely rid yourself, your home or even your pet of this pungent smell. Following the tips below is a full-proof way to remove skunk odors from your environment completely and effectively.


Skunk Smell- How Long Does It Last?

Skunk smell has the capability to last for a long duration of time as the odor can become engrained into the surfaces of your environment. The smell can linger but the amount of time in which the skunk spray lasts is ambiguous. Usually, if the smell is left untreated, it can stay in your environment for weeks even months after the incident.

What exactly is it about skunk spray that is so potent and hard to remove? Skunk spray contains thiol, an organic compound with sulfur as the main proponent of its structure. We commonly associate sulfur with the murky egg-water smell, and this component is what makes thiol have its strong smell, hence leaving skunk spray with its infamous odor. In most cases, the spray will not cause much harm – some may experience stinging in the eyes or temporary blindness, and even nausea- but the smell alone can surely be enough of a hazard for someone in the vicinity of the incident.


How Many Times Can a Skunk Spray?

Skunks release their spray from two walnut-sized anal glands beneath their tail. These glands secrete the foul-smelling liquid, as the muscles around this area help to release this spray from the anal glands. Each gland contains a long duct that runs out of the skunks’ anus producing the musk. These glands contain enough musk for a least five to six sprays and are replenished as needed by the skunk to defend itself from predators. Adult skunks can release their spray over 15 feet with a high degree of accuracy in hitting their target. Even if you are not in the general area where the spray was released you may still be in a compromising position as skunk spray can drift as far as 45 feet from the area sprayed.


Deskunking a Dog: How to Get Rid of Skunk Smell on Dog

Taking your dog out for a walk or out for a hike, the potential for a skunk to strike is an imminent possibility. When faced with a situation such as a stinky skunk sprayed dog you need to know the quick methods to use to expel this odor quickly. Before attempting to remove the skunk odor, however, you want to check your dog over to ensure they are not injured. Once you have inspected your dog for injuries, you will want to grab a pair of rubber or latex gloves, and some old clothes to begin the odor removal process. Time is of the essence, so get your dog prepared for a bath ASAP after it is sprayed by a skunk. You may have heard of the old tomato juice trick as a way to remove skunk spray odors but this method only works to cover up the odor and not remove the odor completely. Finding a skunk odor removal product that works to not only hide the odors but removes the odors completely from the source is what you want to use on your dog. Otherwise, if you don’t remove the odors completely from your dog, the odors could find their way into your home and invade your personal environment.


Solutions for Skunk Smell in House

The spread of skunk smell is a huge possibility as the odor from a skunk can be hard to contain. It can be difficult to control what odors come into your home, and if your dog was sprayed and somehow manages to find their way inside your home, the smell can contaminate the fabrics of your home quickly. The carpeting in your home, fabric furniture or even your clothing can collect the skunk odors and trap them into the fabric of these areas. To eliminate these foul odors from the infected areas in your home you will need to remove the odors with a multi-purpose skunk smell eliminating product that works on all surfaces of your home. Finding a product that works on both laundry and carpet & upholstery is essential when looking for a skunk odor removal product. With a product that works in all areas of your home, you can eliminate skunk odor with ease, reducing hours of hard work to rid your home of the odor.

With skunk mating season about to commence in full swing from February through March, we must be prepared for a spray accident to occur. Knowing the necessary steps to take in the event of an unwarranted skunk encounter, will better prepare you for a quick and effective skunk odor removal process in the future.

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