How To Freak Out Anti-Gunners: Build Your Own Untraceable AK-47! *Video*

By admin June 6, 2013 01:35

How To Freak Out Anti-Gunners: Build Your Own Untraceable AK-47! *Video*

how to build your own ak-47

As local, state and federal governments look to enact legislation to restrict the ownership, transfer and sale of semi-automatic weapons and accessories, pro-second amendment supporters are coming up with new and innovative ways to skirt a system hellbent on destroying their ability to protect themselves and their families.

In the following video, produced by liberal-leaning internet mouthpiece Mother Jones, reporter Brian Schatz goes inside (and deep undercover) to a southern California “build party” to expose how – gasp – anyone with the desire to do so can produce their own full functioning, untraceable semi-automatic AK-47.

In his opening statement, Schatz implies that the rifle itself is single handedly responsible for the violence and murder happening all over the world, leaving no question in his mind that the activities of gun build party goers are and have contributed to the abhorrent actions of psychopathic dictators, terrorists and criminals throughout history.

AK-47′s are the most widely distributed guns on the planet and the general weapon of choice in most genocides, proxy wars, uprisings, mass shootings and other varieties of violence.

And now, you too can own one by simply purchasing a “parts kit” available online, at gun shows, or from private sales.

Who needs 3-D guns when you can have the real thing?

The AK-47, perhaps the world’s best-known gun, is so easy to make and so hard to break that the Soviet-designed original has spawned countless variants, updated and modified versions churned out by factories all over the globe.

Although US customs laws ban importing the weapons, parts kits—which include most original components of a Kalashnikov variant—are legal. So is reassembling them, as long as no more than 10 foreign-made components are used and they are mounted on a new receiver, the box-shaped central frame that holds the gun’s key mechanics.

There are no fussy irritations like, say, passing a background check to buy a kit. And because we’re assembling the guns for our own “personal use,” whatever that may entail, we’re not required to stamp in serial numbers.

These rifles are totally untraceable, and even under California’s stringent assault weapons ban, that’s perfectly within the law.

Watch how you can build your own AK-47 (or other semi-automatic self defense rifle) without the government ever knowing you did it:

As restrictive gun legislation, such as banning accessories or requiring registration of ammunition, is attempted across the nation, more Americans will turn to “underground” methods of making sure they have the means necessary to defend themselves from personal harm and the ever-looming possibility of a tyrannical overthrow of our country.

They can push.

But liberty minded Americans, many of whom still believe the right to bear arms is a fundamental tenet that no government can ever take away, will continue to push back.

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By admin June 6, 2013 01:35
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  1. TheTim June 11, 00:48

    LOL! I’m Canadian, so I’m very, very jealous of the defensive capabilities available to my American neighbours! Also, a recently recovering ex-liberal, but even at my most leftarded, I still believed that we should all be allowed to bear arms & defend ourselves & our loved ones. To my American bretheren: KEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT!

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