How To Build an Outdoorsman’s Pocket Survival Kit

How To Build an Outdoorsman’s Pocket Survival Kit

how to build a pocket survival kit

Although the outdoors is a place of wonder and enjoyment, it can also be a place of great danger and fear. It is not unheard of when an outdoorsman gets lost or injured in the outdoors. Whether you are out hunting, fishing, hiking, or camping you are at stake of getting lost or hurt. It is easy to take the wrong trail while hiking. You may end up lost while trying to track that 10 point buck. Whatever the matter of getting lost may be, you can make your experience of being lost a whole lot easier when you have a survival kit.

I would suggest carrying a pocket survival kit. Using an Altoids mint box is a great and easy way to carry all your survival gear. In that Altoids box you should carry an orange BIC lighter, that way if you drop the lighter, you will be able to find it due to the bright color. You should also carry in the Altoids box a small knife, a mini compass, first aid materials (which often includes bandages and anti-bacterial wipes), a whistle or mirror to use as a signaling device, and snare wire. Your snare wire should be 22 gauge wire so that you can snare rabbits and squirrels.

I would also recommend replacing your shoe laces with paracord, that way you will have cordage to build a shelter. Carrying a small pocket survival guide will also be helpful in this type of situation. If you have additional room in your pocket, you should carry a space blanket to keep you warm in the night. Having the outdoorsman’s pocket survival kit with you at all times while in the outdoors, will help you in the event you get lost in the outdoors for a lengthy period of time.

If you don’t feel like assembling your own, you can always buy any of these ready made pocket survival kit’s here on Amazon.

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