How To Build A Hugelkultur Bed

how to build a hugelkultur bed

Hugelkultur (from the German, hill culture) is a method of building a garden bed.  It hails from the permaculture world and means building a bed either by piling up wood and branches on the surface of the soil or digging a hole (or trench) and laying the wood in the hole. Next soil is piled on top to bury the wood. See article here on how to build a hugelkultur bed

But why would anyone do such a thing? There are 3 reasons – (1) To obtain a nearly no-need-to-water bed, (2) To improve soil tilth and nutrients, and (3) To have an excuse to say “hugelkultur” and be the coolest neighbor on your block. lol

There’s a huge role the old wood plays in this whole process and why it’s a great way to grow plants, especially when it comes to growing your survival garden.

To find out why and how to do it step by step, follow the link below…

How To Build A Hugelkultur Bed

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