How (and Why) To Prevent Pregnancy if the SHTF

How (and Why) To Prevent Pregnancy if the SHTF

how to avoid pregnancy when SHTF

If you ever find yourself in a SHTF type of situation where you’re fighting for survival, the last thing you or anyone in your family/survival group will ever want to deal with is a pregnancy.

In most cases it’s a blessing, but in dire crisis situations where everyday is a struggle for survival this blog post explains why you’ll want to avoid it at all costs.

Find out why this often overlooked situation is so important here…

How (and Why) To Prevent Pregnancy If The SHTF

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One Response to "How (and Why) To Prevent Pregnancy if the SHTF"

  1. I believe there are a few flaws to this idea. Firstly the pill is rather innefective for many women because it is used incorectly. The rythm method can also be used in conjunction with the pull- out method, condoms etc. making it almost 100% effective.

    Also. preventing pregnancys for an extended period could lead to wipe out of total population, given that women age, and if no further generations are being born for that period, there will be no-one to ‘take over’ when repopulation is needed. in addition, older women are more likely to encounter dificulties in pregnancy and birth than those aged between 20-30 years.


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