DIY: How To Build Your Own Umbrella Solar Cooker

diy umbrella solar cooker

Solar cookers are ovens that harness the sun’s rays and use them to create a source of heat. They can be used to heat food or drink, cook food, or sterilize drinking water. Solar cookers are popular in the developing world these days- they can be very inexpensive, some coming as cheap as $5. They don’t require any fuel or electricity, which cuts down on operating costs as well. Since fire wood isn’t used, they help cut down on deforestation (and the often-following desertification). They’re also safer, as wood stoves can be a fire hazard.

One of the easiest ones to make is the umbrella solar cooker. This cooker utilizes the parabola shape, one of the most effective shapes for solar reflectors. The reason for this is, because of its bowl shape, it takes different streams of sunlight and directs them onto one point.

Follow this link for the complete step-by-step…

DIY: How To Build Your Own Umbrella Solar Cooker

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