How To Make Your Own MRE’s

Do it yourself mre's

If you’ve ever purchased MRE‘s (meals ready to eat) or are planning to, then you probably already realize that the cost can add up fast. Here’s a great article on how to make your own MRE’s. Not only will this cost you less money, it will also provide you with satisfaction knowing you were able to do it yourself.

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How To Make Your Own MRE’s

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2 Responses to "How To Make Your Own MRE’s"

  1. Just an observation, the trioxane bars were never in MRE’s. They were in the old C-Ration boxes which had canned foodstuff.

    Making your own MRE’s is not a bad idea. I make my own using a pouch of Uncle Bens precooked rice, a pouch of cooked chicken, and a cheese sauce pouch from a cheap box of mac and cheese (in the field these items mix well and make a decent meal). It all goes into a freezer bag along with a granola bar, some hard candy or gum and a pre measured pack of juice drink mix. It requires no cooking but if you like you can throw in an MRE flameless heater available from many places on the net. I’ve found this enough food to feed two people, or in my case, it feeds me and my dog.

    The problem with regular MRE’s on a long hike or extended campout is, after a few days you end up carrying a bunch of plastic spoons and other items that are included which you may not want or need. Making your own allows you to carry only what you want.

    1. David, MRE excess can be eliminated by “Rat Packing” the bags. Take a box of MREs and open all of the large bags and take out the stuff you don’t need. Next, take everything out of the cardboard boxes and retain only one. Then reorganize what you want to keep and put them in ZipLocks.


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