Inexpensive Easy To Construct DIY FIFO Can Rack

do it yourself first in first out can rackIf you’re ready to get into canning for long term food storage, then make sure you read this article on how to build your own inexpensive and easy to construct FIFO (first in first out) can rack.

The purpose of the can rack is to solve a frustration that many preppers have…keeping all that canned food you use on a regular basis organized so that the oldest items are always consumed first (the FIFO method). The FIFO can rack does this by using an angled shelf with curbs to roll cans to one side. This way, you can put new cans in one side and take old cans from the opposite side. Now if you don’t want to build one yourself, be prepared to spend a lot more money on one that is already assembled. But if you’re somewhat handy, this blueprint is probably the least complex and easiest to build of the many different options that are out there.

Follow the link below to get the full step-by-step instructions…

Inexpensive DIY FIFO Can Rack

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