[VIDEO] New World Order, Police State, Collapse Documentary: Descent Into Tyranny

The best info-weapon on the internet. This short documentary film, Descent Into Tyranny, widely exposes the New World Order’s global control system.

Using their own words: “New World Order”, “World Constitution”, and “Global Governance”, author David Quintieri clearly uncovers their plan. One which will change the course of history forever.

Will the people live as slaves in the near future? Are we doomed?

This short film also discusses the simple but highly effective methods to push back against tyranny without violence or protest.

Please share this video with everyone you can.

Whether you believe it or not, this is already happening. Hence why you should be prepping hard. Share this with everyone you know and love. It’s their choice to open their eyes and their mind. All we can do is spread the message.

Thank you to http://GovtSlaves.info for making us aware of it.

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